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After launching “Collezione Gea” an Eco Friendly makeup packaging collection designed to reduce, as much as possible, the use of plastic by replacing it with cardboard and paper, Mktg Industry focused on the Lip Stick and Face Stick Gea to take them one step further towards sustainability and recyclability.

The 2 packaging solutions made with cardboard/paper base, plastic inside mechanism, plastic sleeve and cardboard/paper cap already allowed to reduce the use of plastic up to 60%, but now with the new “S2R” SEPARATE TO RECYCLE versions it is possible, after using, to easily separate the cardboard/paper base from the plastic inside mechanism and sleeve and proceed to separately recycle paper with paper and plastic with plastic. A simple yet effective way to reduce the use of plastic and to facilitate a correct recycling of the 2 different materials.
In order to promote the “S2R” technology and explain to final consumers the “SEPARATE TO RECYCLE” innovative gesture, Mktg Industry designed a logo that can be used for free by all its clients who want to use one of this 2 innovative eco-packaging solutions.
But that’s not all “S2R” can also stand for SEPARATE TO REFILL, as the matter of facts the 2 new packaging solutions by Mktg Industry can also be used to create a refilling product by simply separating the plastic mechanism that contains the makeup formula and replacing it with a new one that can be sold separately.

2 eco-packaging for makeup that totally comply with the eco-concept of the 3Rs = Reduce, Replace and Reuse.
Because ECOisLOGICAL, LOGICALisECO and our packaging solutions are ECOLOGICAL.

For more info about Mktg Industry: www.mktgindustry.com

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