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Following the huge success of Collezione GEA, Mktg Industry introduces a new eco-friendly rechargeable collection designed to reduce the environmental footprint of cosmetic products. Composed by Lipstick GEA REFILL and Sticks GEA REFILL with cardboard/paper base, plastic inside mechanism, plastic sleeve easy to be removed and exchanged and cardboard/paper cap to allow a plastic reduction up to 75%.

MKTG’s latest collection of paper packaging includes 4 refillable packaging solutions for skincare and color makeup: lipstick and face sticks with an outer shell designed to be reused more and more times. This easy-to-use refillable system allows to simply separate the plastic mechanism that contains the formula and replacing it with a new one that can be sold separately.

The Italian supplier’s constant commitment in eco-friendly packaging development takes Collezione GEA one step further towards sustainability and recyclability, by focusing on 3R concept (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

REDUCE to the minimum the presence of plastic by replacing it as much as possible with paper. REUSE the packaging endless times, by refilling and extending its life cycle to the maximum. RECYCLE all the components by simply separate them and disposing in the correct recycling chain: plastic with plastic, paper with paper.