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A never seen before packaging that is 100% respectful of the environment and designed to replace pocket-sized plastic twist-up packaging. An eco-friendly solution all made with cardboard/paper and completely biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Eco Beauty Stick® is designed to avoid any plastic components, thanks to its funny “Push” mechanism, it is highly customizable in different size and shapes and totally decorable thanks to the endless number of decoration possibilities with no limitation of colors or printing. It is ideal for lip balms, solid perfumes, sunscreens or body balms. 

Eco Beauty Stick® is 100% made in cardboard/paper. The inner part of the stick is completely covered by a wax paper that allow the formula to slide out with a simple new gesture: just using your finger you can push the bottom up and make the formula go out! This oil resistant paper is specifically designed to protect the cardboard structure of the packaging. The inner plastic part of a traditional stick has been completely replaced by a simple but highly effective new ecological mechanism. The “Push” system works thanks to a sliding bottom, composed by a cardboard disk inserted in the stick that slide up by simply pushing it with the finger. 

“Eco Beauty Stick® has been developed following an “Eco” vision, proposing a new way to see the packaging and becoming a responsible solution for the environment and for that consumers which are more carefully about the “green” policies of sustainability. As the attention to the environment actually represent the major trend in the beauty and cosmetics market, Eco Beauty Stick® is the perfect innovative packaging solution, designed to take the place of traditional plastic twist-up packaging by avoiding the presence of any plastic components in the packaging.” States Stefano Focolari, CEO and Managing Director of Mktg Industry. 

What are you waiting for? Go Green with this brand-new 100% EcoLogical packaging solution!