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Following the huge success of Mkts Industry's Eco Beauty Stick®, the Italian company is now launching a jar version of the same 100% Plastic-Free cardboard and paper packaging. 

“The Eco Beauty Jar® completes our Eco Beauty Collection designed to reduce the use of plastic down to zero” states Stefano Focolari CEO of Mktg Industry. 

“The Eco Beauty Stick® and the Eco Beauty Jar® can be directly filled from the top with hot poured formulas up to 70°C and they have been designed for anhydrous formulas like: lipbalms, body balms, body butters, face butters, sunscreen formulas, etc. They are also perfect for Water-Free skincare formulas, which are the latest trend in this moment” continues Focolari. 

Both these packagings are completely recyclable and they can be made with Havana Kraft Paper, White Kraft Paper or White Art Paper with the inside walls covered with waxed paper functioning as “oils & fat barrier”. The diameters and measures of the packaging are totally customizable with no extra costs and the decorations are endless: CMYK printing, printing with water-based inks, hot stamping, UV printing with UV inks, etc. 

“Our Company started working on Eco sustainable unconventional packaging since the very beginning of its activity in 2014, our goal has always been to try to reduce the use of plastic by replacing it as much as possible with cardboard and paper. Working on the “Reduce&Replace” concept, today we have a quite wide offer of cardboard/paper packaging solutions for the Makeup Market, such as our Cardboard Palettes, that can be made with magnetic or rubber band closure, our Lipstick GEA with a plastic reduction up to 75%, our Compact Cases GEA for makeup powders that can be made entirely in cardboard/paper with a 100% plastic reduction or with a PET window to show the color inside, with a plastic reduction of 95%. Then we have the Flatty, winner of several international awards, a multifunctional cardboard packaging with rubber band closure, designed to be the thinnest primary packaging ever for makeup powders” ands Focolari. 

Now, with the Eco Beauty collection, Mktg Industry is able to offer 100% Plastic-Free solutions also for the skin & personal care, thus offering innovative and Green solutions for both the makeup and cosmetics markets.