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Naturmedicin teamed up with Mktg Industry to launch swederm® Bronzing Stone.

Naturmedicin chose Mktg Industry as a partner to launch swederm® Bronzing Stone.
The Polish Company opted for an innovative formula and a unique packaging by Mktg Industry to create a revolutionary and breakthrough Makeup Product. swederm® Bronzing Stone is a baked powder that provides a smooth and perfect finish of skin’s complexion for a flawless and long lasting look. A tanning product with a creamy and velvety texture that gives a feeling of lightness and breathability.

"After years of successful work as a distributor we have decided to create our own, dream brand - swederm®. Our aim is to cooperate with only the best, European producers. To reach our full potential we expect perfection, that is why we create every single product with great precision. swederm® Bronzing Stone is such a product. We are in love with the modern, ecological concept of the packaging and at the same time the fantastic high quality of the product inside. It is a brand intended for a global sale. We are looking for distributors that share the same working values we have. They will need to be hard working, with a passion for unique products, and happy to be involved with brand development at a high level” states Beata Kulbikowska CEO at Naturmedicin.

Mktg Industry provided a special formula made with selected ingredients contained, like a precious jewel, inside its award winning packaging “PBB – Petite Boîte à Beauté” the first and only paper and cardboard compact case entirely made in Italy and winner of the “Eco-Design Beauty Award at Cosmoprof 2015”. Naturmedicin enhanced the beauty of the packaging by choosing classy decorations like black matte finishing, screen printing and Shiny Silver Hot Stamping.

The Make-Up formula was designed to adapt to all skin types, protect from external agents and pollution, and not leave any unpleasant powdery residue like most powders do. Using swederm® brush (sold separately) it is possible to easily model the oval of the face, to cover dark circles under the eyes and to hide skin’s imperfections. swederm® Bronzing Stone is a marvelous Makeup product expected to become part of every woman's daily beauty routine.

For more info about swederm® Bronzing Stone:

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