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Mktg Industry Replicates Success at Cosmoprof 2016

Amongst the top range products of Mktg Industry we find the Make-up Book, a made in Italy primary packaging, made of recycled ecological cardboard approved by Ecocert and a sponge that reacts as an anti shock agent for the product. The Make Up Book, suitable for hot and pressed powders, is highly customizable in shape, dimension and graphic. It is an  ecological  packaging,  designed  with  a  magnetic  base  that  allows  the  user  to  remove  and  insert  as  many  pans  as desired, promoting a “Do it yourself” cosmetic philosophy, given by its refillable logic. 

Also the Petite Boite à Beauté, creation of Italian designers, who managed to combine style, elegance and efficiency for a  packaging  dedicated  to  baked  or  pressed  powders,  made  of  recycled  and  recyclable  cardboard,  provided  with  a magnetic closing system.

A lot of visitors, clients and sector experts came to see the global pre view of two new Mktg Industry products. The Color In Box, a primary packaging, which name and shape reminds to a small box, a palette made of cardboard that can be customizable with graphic and colors, innovative, practical, but at a very low price.

The  second  novelty,  one  of  the  finalist  of  the  Beauty  Award  Competition  of  this  year,  is  the  Make-Up  à  Porter,  a primary  packaging  suitable  for  pressed  powder,  made  of  eco-friendly  leather,  with  a  charming  graphic  and  a  clip closing system, like a wallet. Thanks to the refillable system the Make Up à Porter is the essential accessory for all the avant-garde, modern women who won’t give up practicality and elegance.

This is what Mktg Industry’s CEO, Stefano Focolari, had to say about the Cosmoprof 2016 experience: “ The strong audience’s feedback gives us the impulse to get better and better and to challenge our creativity, proposing solutions and products more and more innovative and 100% Made in Italy. 

A  special  thanks  is  directed  to  our  numerous  clients,  who,  even  this  year,  did  not  miss  the  appointment  to  the  Mktg industry stand and without whom we wouldn’t have been able to achieve such great goals.” 


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